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Swiss Butchery & Frisch Seafood
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Singapore’s Most Trusted Restaurant and Fine Dining Recommendations

Singapore is known all over the world as a city with a rich culinary culture. The diversity of the city has leant itself, with countless establishments offering delicious food all across, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to go for your next dinner.

Enter EATSingapore, a handy, comprehensive guide to Singapore’s vibrant restaurant and fine dining scene. With a new edition released annually, EATSingapore has become the go-to source for people navigating the lively local culinary landscape. Whether you’re a gastronomy enthusiast always in search of the most delicious dishes Singapore has to offer, or on the lookout for restaurants offering romantic dining for an upcoming date night, EATSingapore provides a mouth-watering handpicked guide to Singapore’s not so .

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