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“Great concept! We struggle to take the time for “date nights” and explore the city and its restaurants. Not only did we explore great restaurants but also met fab people during their Chefs Choice dinner. Great value, Great people, Great fun. Thank you Karin!” – Veronika, EAT 2017 Book Owner


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“Love EAT! Have already enjoyed so many unique dining experiences by using the EATSingapore 2016 book. And again 2017 is full of new recommendations which all look so yummie! Can鈥檛 wait to try them all!”聽– Elise, EAT 2016 & 2017 Book Owner


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“We are a huge supporter of this unique and useful concept. The restaurants are all up market and the book that goes with the experience is Top Notch. Excellent concept. Keep it coming – we love your dining solution.”聽– John Vincent Gordon, Expat Choice Asia

Singapore鈥檚 Most Trusted Fine Dining Recommendations

Singapore has a global reputation as a city with a rich dining scene and an extremely diverse range of culinary cultures. With the breadth and depth of choices on offer 鈥 each restaurant offering something beautiful and unique 鈥 people can sometimes be paralysed by indecision. Where to go for your next dinner when every meal is more delicious than the last?

Helping you discover our city鈥檚 hidden gems

Enter EATSingapore, the city鈥檚 favourite guide to its own vibrant and ever-growing wining and dining scene. With annual editions, EATSingapore has its finger on the pulse of Singapore鈥檚 restaurant community, giving refined recommendations of the top spots to go hit for a delicious bite or a delectable drink. The book has quickly become the go-to guide for both locals and visitors looking to discover the best of the city鈥檚 lively local culinary landscape.

Whether you鈥檙e looking for a romantic setting for your next date or anniversary or you鈥檙e simply on the prowl for the city鈥檚 finest chefs and most exquisite dishes, let EATSingapore show you the way. Discover why so many trust our publication as their map to the island鈥檚 best fine dining.

Order our guide today for fantastic restaurant recommendations

Order today to get a copy of the premier guide to Singapore鈥檚 culinary scene, and take the hassle out of figuring out where to go for your next dinner! Covering such diverse cuisines as Indian, Greek and adventurous nose-to-tail dining, each of our chosen restaurants stands apart not only from its competitors but each other, delivering a unique experience unlike any other.

With twelve free main course meals included in the purchase of the book 鈥 one at each of the stunning restaurants chosen by our talented, discerning critics 鈥 you鈥檙e certain to have a lovely time dining out with help from EATSingapore!

Get your copy and find out what you鈥檝e been missing out on.


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