The European publishing house Benzer Publishing started in 2006 with a small print-run of the book EATSweden. The idea originated in Stockholm where the founder, Jochen Schmelzer, lived at the time. He realized that he and his friends always visited the same restaurants in the same parts of town. To encourage his friends and others to try restaurants in different areas of the city he started the book EATSweden.

From day one the concept is 12 restaurants, hand picked and recommended by the city project managers. The idea being to try 1 new restaurant a month. The selected restaurants are tried several times and shortlisted based on the food, service and ambience. The restaurants featured in the EAT books want to thank you for visiting by offering the 2nd main course on the house.
Every year a new edition is published to feature the city’s latest dining discoveries.

Since 2006, Benzer Publishing has offered you to taste and enjoy some of the best restaurants and spa facilities. Every year was a success and despite this, the print run is kept to 5,000 limited-edition copies only, each exclusively numbered. We want you to feel special when you sit with a book in your hand at one of the restaurants. It’s about quality before quantity.

Over the years, the concept and the number of publications have grown to 18 cities across 10 countries. SPASweden was launched a couple of years ago and is based on the same concept but with the best spas in your city. In 2015 this was extended even further with the release of Rosa Kokboken II, Granboken and Jordgubbsboken.

Singapore is the first Asian edition for the EAT series and launched in 2016. Other cities across AsiaPacific will be added within the next few years.

Karin van Vliet

Karin is from the Netherlands and has lived in Singapore for the past 8 years. During this time she has worked in and with the F&B industry in various ways. Combining her craving for good food, passion for new ventures and marketing expertise, EATSingapore offers the perfect avenue for her to highlight the variety of unique food experiences Singapore has to offer.

Peter Ulrich

Peter is from Sweden and he has lived in Asia for the past 18 years. He has a deep passion for food, which combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, resulted in the set up of various F&B related concepts across Asia. His never ending hunger to try out the latest gems in the city he lives or travels to resulted in EATSingapore.

Singapore will be the first Asian edition, with other cities across AsiaPacific scheduled to be added within the next few years.