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Venture 2 Impact aims to help communities globally break the cycle of poverty. Their approach is more than just material support, they transform communities to grow, develop and sustain themselves. By focusing on Education, Empowerment and Economic Development, individuals and communities can be brought out of poverty and into long-lasting well-being.

IdeaForce 2017 is a volunteering week in Batam Riau and a continuation of the 2016 program.

EATSingapore joins and supports IdeaForce 2017 with $2 per sold book.
You can do more – by purchasing this ‘product’ Venture 2 Impact Donation for $5 we will donate $5 on behalf of you to Venture 2 Impact’s IdeaForce 2017 in Batam Riau. Of course you can donate more – just change the quantity of the ‘product’. For example, if you purchase Venture 2 Impact 5 times, we’ll donate 5 x $5 = $25.

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