Friends are a wonderful thing – especially when you share similar passions. This is why EATSingapore introduces EAT Urban, Our Friends. We have a great deal of passion for indulging in good company, where conversation flows freely – as do the scrumptious food and delectable drinks. We have showcased twelve unique restaurants, as we feel these are some of our favourite places to pursue our passion. We hope you will become just as passionate about them as we are.

They often say you can gauge someones personality by the company they keep and you’ll see that the company we keep are a pretty fun and interesting bunch. We would like to introduce them to you: selected places and experiences, not only to enrich your lives, but to give you another story to tell and share a drink over.

We would like to introduce you to our friends of 2016 – CulinaryOn, Marcel Heijnen and Nordaq FRESH. They share our passion for great food, good company and exploring Singapore. Have a look for yourself and see what they can offer you in addition to some nice dinners at 12 restaurants.

Explore, indulge and be passionate.

EAT Urban Friends 2016