In addition to our 12 carefully selected restaurants, we would like to introduce you to dear industry friends that we think you will appreciate.

Excellent food should be enjoyed with a good glass of wine and for this we introduce Cloudy Bay, a winemaking gem from New Zealand. They will join our culinary journey this year.

At the end of a great dinner we appreciate a good cuppa coffee and nothing beats having freshly ground beans at home. Perk Coffee offers you just that; home delivery of freshly roasted beans.

When celebrating you want to have a glass of champagne – we recommend Ruinart. The Ruinart House is the first champagne house of France and was established in 1729. We recommend to try their exceptional Ruinart Blanc de Blancs.

For home dinners we rely on fresh produce and delicacies from Swiss Butchery . Frisch Seafood. They’ll help you to make your dinner party seem effortless yet perfectly executed with the best meat and fish as well as complementing products in store.

This year we are introducing a charity partnership with Venture2Impact to support their IdeaForce 2017 in Batam Riau, Indonesia. We are passionate about the support we can offer and hope you can join us!

We hope you enjoy and support our friends.
Explore, indulge and be passionate.

Karin & Peter


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