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From private banker to chef – the unconventional road for Petrina, Morsels

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Turning thirty Petrina worked as a banker for 8 years before she decided it was enough. Just after the financial crisis it was a very stressful time and there were a lot of new banking products she didn’t believe in. She realised banking wasn’t what she wanted to do for the rest of her life so she quit. She broke her bond with MAS – who sponsored her wealth management master’s degree – and explored the option to open up a … Read More

Expectations vs Reality when dining out

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I was so excited To try this restaurant. It had been around for a while, was situated at a beautiful location and I read good reviews about it. So we finally went! I made a reservation, checked out the menu online and discussed with Peter which dishes we should try. Totally loved the pre-excitement vibe! On the day of our dinner I wondered what to wear – casual chic yet comfy or all in with heels and a dress. Casual … Read More

Why We Only Choose 12 Restaurants Every Year

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Our top 12 restaurants Peter and I believe that every restaurant experience should be unique. Whether you’re catching up with friends or having a long overdue date with your partner, you want your night out to be a good one. The question is, where do you go? There are so many restaurants on this tiny island, it’s hard to choose. You start by looking at reviews. Then you wonder which reviews can actually be trusted. You think perhaps, that you … Read More

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