3 reasons to visit El Mero Mero – right now!

3 reasons to visit El Mero Mero – right now!

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One of our favourite restaurants in Singapore is the Mexican El Mero Mero in Chijmes. The first time we went we were a bit sceptical we admit – Chijmes wasn’t on top of our list of where great restaurants were, so how good could El Mero Mero be? Luckily – we were completely blown away – both the drinks and the food are amazing and the presentation of each dish is beautifully done, you barely want to eat it.

What makes El Mero Mero so unique?
When visiting a Mexican restaurant you quickly think you’ll get Tacos, Enchilada’s and Quesadillas, not necessarily high end cuisine and refined flavours. At El Mero Mero you get it all.
They have the best taco’s with combinations like Kurobuta Pork with pineapple and coriander, Dorper Lamb with eggplant tahini and burnt onion, or what about the Aged Duck with pineapple tepache and pearl onion? We love how each taco has its unique and unexpected flavour, and it works!
You can order them in single or double portions so you can share… or eat them all yourself.

Josper Charcoal Grill
When you want to try a different side of the Mexican cuisine you should try any of the grilled items from the Josper Charcoal Grill (a favourite among many chefs!). The Atlantic grilled Octopus is a must order – served with corn cream, black garlic paste and tajin ash it’s very well balanced and a unique way of serving octopus. The portion is very generous as well – making it a good sharing option too, so you can try out multiple dishes of the menu.
The Dorper lamb and Roasted suckling pig are two more of our other favourites. All dishes are beautifully served on different plates – or are they even plates?

Let’s add some sweetness
Finishing off the evening with some desserts we can recommend the Churros with Mexican chocolate or the Tequila pecan pie as our current favourites. The latter is served with Tequila Anejo and cinnamon ice-cream, a must try in our opinion. Combine it with a strong espresso or with a shot of Tequila or Mezcal on the side for who dares.

Last but not least – cocktails!
Move over Tequila, it’s time for Mezcal.
El Mero Mero offers both on their menu, but Mezcal is the favourite. While the differences are minimal to some – there are some distinct differences. For starters, they’re predominantly produced in different states of Mexico and while both are made from the Agave plant, Tequila can only be made (by law) with one variety whereas Mezcal can be made with over 30 varieties.
The most important difference though is that the production process for Mezcal is different from Tequila which leads to a distinctly different flavour for Mezcal.
The El Mero Mero cocktail uses Orange infused Mezcal, combined with fresh lime and agave. Give it a try and let us know if you’re fan like we are!

Why should you visit?
Our top 3 reasons to visit El Mero Mero?
– Taste a different, refined side of Mexican cuisine
– To try our favourite Mezcal cocktail
– Get the 2nd main course on the house with EATSingapore

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Now, go forth and feast,

Peter & Karin

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