Batam volunteering trip starts next week

Batam volunteering trip starts next week

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Volunteering Experience

In a couple of days I’ll take the ferry to Batam for my week of volunteering. I’m excited to get started and see what we can do as a group of volunteers.
Our contribution to the project is over $3,000 so far – thank you for that! Let’s do more and donate directly to our fundraiser:

The Communities

I’ve been living in Singapore for almost 9 years now and it still amazes me to see the stark contrasts between people and their livelihood. Our volunteering project takes place in the Riau Islands province, where Batam is the most modernized island. It’s about 50km from Singapore or 2.5hrs by boat. The province consists of thousands of islands and our focus will be on the Moro district, which comprises of 84 islands and 14 villages.
More than 17,000 people live in this district according to the Indonesia Bureau of Statistics 2014. The communities predominantly speak Malay and 70% of the labor force in the area is closely tied to the fishing industry. Most people only have elementary school education and there’s one hospital available in the district.
Improvement of education, health and the environment are big drivers for me personally within this project.

Batam Volunteering 2

What will we do during the week?

Our program for the week is well organized by Venture 2 Impact and Telunas Resorts. The first few days are dedicated to learning and understanding. Starting point for this are the on-site interviews among 15 communities that researchers conducted for us. Their results will give us insights into the demographics, education, occupation and technology of the communities. In addition we will visit the communities for a first hand experience and an overnight stay.
Following the research phase we will work together in smaller groups to brainstorm ideas and solutions that can help the communities. These will be presented to each other, after which the best idea(s) will be picked and developed further for execution.
While the idea is developed further, we will present and share it with the communities to get their feedback and more importantly their buy in. This is a crucial phase of the project since any proposed idea or solution will only succeed with the support of the communities.
At the end of the week we hopefully have a finished product or framework that the community can work with and execute. However, while not being on the ground ourselves anymore, the team at Telunas is available for support and advice. Again, this is a crucial part of the collaboration to ensure that we can make a positive and lasting impact.

Learn more about the Project

If you want to know more about the project, please let me know and I’m happy to answer any questions. You can contact me on

In the meantime – please donate to our fundraiser and help improve the lives of numerous communities that live just outside Singapore:



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