EATSingapore x Venture 2 Impact in Batam

EATSingapore x Venture 2 Impact in Batam

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Help us improve the lives of the community in Batam Riau, Indonesia

EATSingapore 2017 proudly supports Venture 2 Impact this year by donating S$2 for every book sold. We want to do more and for this we ask for YOUR help!
To give you some background about the cause we support, we talked to Fadi Al Qassar, co-founder of V2I. We asked him what Xmas means to him, why he started V2I, what we will do at our upcoming volunteering trip in Batam and how you can help and support more.

It’s Xmas season…

When I think about the holiday season, many thoughts rush to mind. Things from gifts, to family, warm hot chocolate, caroling and most importantly giving. I remember when I was growing up, a big part of our family tradition was to give gifts and clothes to those who were less fortunate. My friends were a part of an acapella band, who went door to door caroling to refugees and new immigrants. This gave the season a unique spirit, one that inspired all those within a close proximity from it.

Starting Venture 2 Impact

As a 29 year old, and a co-founder of a non-profit organization, I have held onto what inspired me and enriched my holiday season – and invite you to join us! My organization, Venture 2 Impact, is an organization and a movement that started in 2006 to help communities globally break the cycle of poverty. Our approach to development takes more than just material poverty into account. We address issues of isolation, vulnerability, powerlessness, physical weakness, among other forms of poverty.


Upcoming trip to Batam

In February of 2017, we are leading a volunteer trip into the Islands of Indonesia to attempt a first of its kind “Hackathon project”, called IDEAFORCE. The aim of IDEAFORCE is to learn more from community members about the daily challenges they face, and leverage tech and human capital from the Fortune 500 space to address these challenges. You’re invited to participate!

How can you help?

We invite you to partner with us on this project, by donating through EATSingapore here.
Your donations will be used to provide us with the necessary resources to survey the communities about the problems they’re facing, hold community consultations and feedback loops. This so we can develop the solution in partnership with the community, and have the capacity to continue working on the project after the official volunteer portion on the ground is over.


What will happen with your donation?

Your financial participation will engage communities on the ground by providing them with a platform to identify and communicate the challenges they experience. We may take this idea for granted in our context because community consultations and feedback loops are built into our culture, our policy making and our civil rights as citizens. However, in many developing contexts around the world, communities are not consulted about challenges, projects or solutions in a meaningful or serious fashion. This results into programs that don’t answer the needs experienced by community members, often leaving the community feeling disempowered and helpless.

Give a gift that empowers

This season, consider empowering a community that’s working to address their challenges in a sustainable, inclusive and measurable way. We invite you to partner with us, and be part of the impact!

Donate NOW and 100% of your donations will go to Venture 2 Impact – EATSingapore will take care of the transaction fees.
And remember, for every book we sell – we will donate S$2.

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