How does it work?

How does it work?

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Still wondering how EATSingapore works?
In a nut shell – bring your book and a friend to any of the 12 restaurants and you get the 2nd main course on the house.
Easy right?

Let me explain it a bit further…
We curated EATSingapore to feature 12 restaurants in Singapore. They’re some of our favourites – restaurants we think you should visit in 2016 because you just have to try them! We chose these places based on food quality, ambience, service and location as we explained here and of course it’s a mix of cuisines with both Asian and Western restaurants well represented.
The concept is to feature 12 restaurants every year – we choose 12 since that gives you a reason once a month to visit a restaurant you might (not) have been before. We give you a reason to try something new, a cuisine you normally wouldn’t try or to go to an area of town you don’t visit regularly. And because we tried and tested all of them it’s almost guaranteed a great night out!
We hear a lot of people use EAT for date-night, as a night off from the kids or to explore what the city has to offer if you just arrived in Singapore. Whatever your reason is – we would love to hear it!

Why should I purchase EATSingapore?
Great question! You can just visit these restaurants without our book of course and please do! When you go with the book though – the restaurants thank you for visiting by giving you the 2nd main course on the house. At each restaurant! That means that our little red book entitles you to 12 complimentary main courses – that’s a pretty good deal isn’t it?
There are no hidden terms & conditions. You can go on any evening of the week, order anything from the menu and there’s no minimum spend. The 2016 edition of EATSingapore is valid till the end of the year – by then we will have published the 2017 edition to send you off on your next restaurant trail! Lastly – we recommend you to make a reservation when you plan to go to one of the restaurants and on public holidays some restaurants exclude the book’s privileges.
In short though – the only thing you have to do is visit one of the restaurants, bring your book and a friend and order 2 main courses. Easy!

Anything else?
To keep track of your food adventures with EATSingapore and which restaurants you have visited already – the Chef or Restaurant Manager will sign your book at the end of the evening. This is to sign off on your visit and that you have used your privilege at that restaurant. But also to make your copy a memorabilia of your food adventures with EATSingapore. This way it becomes your personal restaurant diary.

We hope this explained it further – any confusion or questions, please get in touch! You can reach us on or leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you right away.
Now go forth and feast at all 12 restaurants!

Peter & Karin

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