Introducing Chef Stephan from Restaurant Chef’s Table

Introducing Chef Stephan from Restaurant Chef’s Table

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Our next chef’s interview is with Chef Stephan Zoisl from restaurant Chef’s Table.

In preparation for our next Chef’s Choice dinner we talk to Chef Stephan Zoisl from restaurant Chef’s Table. We hear more about why he became a chef, his restaurant’s concept and menu, as well as our upcoming Chef’s Choice dinner, Tuesday 30 May.

About becoming a chef

Chef Stephan had a choice. Become a pilot or a chef. This is because he wanted to travel and these were the two options before him. Thankfully for us, he decided to become a chef.
Austrian born, Chef Stephan grew up in a restaurant run by his parents. At 15, he started his apprenticeship at a five star hotel and his first job in Vienna had him cooking 4,000 lobsters just for one event. In his words, “it was really crazy”.

About Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table is literally about the chef coming to the table and serving the food to you. Either Stephan or his head chef will serve and explain each dish to you, making the experience up-close and personal. The concept is really straightforward. It comes down to using the best and freshest ingredients that they can get their hands on. They then decide, on the day, what dishes they will make. Chef’s Table happened out of an accident. One that ended up being a good thing and what you see at 61 Tras Street now.

About the menu

The menu is ingredients driven. Chef’s Table offers 28 seasonal ingredients on a list each evening. You can opt to remove some items from the list and then the team creates a bespoke menu just for you. Based on what ingredients they have that evening and what you may or may not have omitted from the list. No guest should eat the same dish twice Stephan feels, therefore there are no signature dishes, no repetition.

About favourites

Chef Stephan names the artichoke as his favourite vegetable. He says it’s the tastiest and very versatile. In addition, he loves the humble potato. Having grown up in Austria, it was a staple but it is also very versatile and you can use almost any cooking technique with the potato.

About the ambience

It’s all about having a good time and good food. Their high tables are there because they want to be able to talk to their customers in a very personal way, on eye-level. Whatever is on the plate is as good as it can be but for the rest of the time, it’s about enjoying yourself.

To read more about Stephan, read the full interview on Vanilla Beige here.

Chef’s Choice Dinner

We’re back with our next Chef’s Choice Dinner! Make sure to book your seat now since they’re sure to sell out fast. Chef Stephan selected his favourite ingredients for a 6-course menu that will make you want to come back over and over again.

WHEN | Tuesday 30 May, 8pm sharp
WHAT | 6-course menu
PRICE | $108+ (you will be charged $118.80 nett)
OPTIONAL | Wine pairing at $88+ (you will be charged $96.80 nett for 4 glasses)

Get your tickets now below or read more here.

The Menu

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