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How do you select?

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We get this question a lot and it’s a tough one! It really is, because how do you select 12 restaurants when there are so many great places in Singapore? Let’s start by saying that restaurants are not paying to be in the book and when we visit restaurants, we’re paying for ourselves. Now we got that clear – how do we choose? First off by going out for dinner a lot! Before we got started we talked to our EAT friends in Europe – … Read More


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Välkommen or welcome to our website and our latest addition – the news section. We finally launched this and we hope you’ll like it! Please comment, catch up on the latest news, read all about our restaurants and friends and of course share your EAT experiences with us. This is also where we’ll announce competitions and special offers, if we got some exciting media coverage or if we’re available at new retailers or markets. First though – thank you for visiting … Read More

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