Swiss Butchery & Frisch Seafood

Swiss Butchery & Frisch Seafood

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Hosting a dinner at home? We got you covered!

We love eating out – obviously – but we enjoy eating at home with friends as well. When we do, we rely on one of our featured FRIENDS: Swiss Butchery & Frisch Seafood. They are a great destination to get everything you need to make your dinner a success. And the best part? With EATSingapore you get a complimentary membership which entitles you to lots of perks!

About Swiss Butchery

Since opening over 10 years ago, Swiss Butchery is renowned for freshness and variety of gourmet delicacies sourced from all over the world. They renovated their Tanglin Flagship store last year and created a fabulous in-store experience. The new space is stocked with vast options that are exclusive to the store. For example, Matsusaka A5 Beef or New Zealand Reserve Grass Fed Marbled Beef. Of course the fresh, daily made sausages and hams are available too.


About Health Consciousness

In addition to the expected premium meats, Swiss Butchery offers a wide range of wholesome foods including wellness products like fat-free, sugar-free and gluten-free. Make sure to have a look at the seasonal, fresh and unique fruits like jumbo avocados, tom-berries, graffiti eggplant and heirloom tomatoes. Raw they make a healthy treat or use them to create a healthy meal.


About Salt Dry Aging

Another exclusive at Swiss Butchery is their Salt Dry Aging service for grass fed cuts. By aging your meat it’ll become more tender and flavourful. The beef will be dried anywhere from 14 to 28 days and is resting or hanging in a glass cabinet in-store with your name tag on it. This artisanal service is complimentary for customers only. Discuss with the experienced team for cut and aging recommendations to get the best result.


About Frisch Seafood

In addition to the best selections of meat, Swiss Butchery now offers the same quality and freshness for seafood with their new concept Frisch. Providing source-to-plate service, Frisch ensures sustainability, quality and freshness of their seafood. Try fresh off the boat sashimi like swordfish, salmon and ikura, all deep-frozen on board. Every Thursday fillets like Monkfish Cheek meat, Lemon Sole and Plaice fillet are freshly flown in. Lastly, Frisch offers specially selected oysters which can be freshly shucked.


About the Complimentary Membership

Swiss Butchery & Frisch Seafood are offering all EATSingapore 2017 book owners an exclusive membership worth $55. This is valid for five years. Entitlements include a 10% off on all in-store products, (excluding alcohol and tobacco) and 15% off during your birthday month. In addition, you will get complimentary coffee at the Tanglin Flagship store and exclusive invites to private talks with farmers for demonstrations and tastings.
How to get this? To activate, simply bring your EATSingapore 2017 book to the Swiss Butchery store and register with your unique book number. This offer is limited to 1 free membership per book and can be redeemed until 31 December 2017.

Happy dining!

Karin & Peter

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