Seven weeks…

Seven weeks…

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In 48 days I’m going on my second volunteering trip.

My first trip was to Nepal over Xmas and NYE 2016. It was such a liberating, rewarding and life changing experience. It really opened my eyes to see how good we have it and I was inspired to see how happy people can be with absolutely nothing. It’s a trip I’ll never forget.
I’m therefore excited to go again. This time I’ll go to Batam Riau in Indonesia. The reason I’m going here is because it’s the charity I chose to support with my book EATSingapore. Please help me to raise an additional USD3,500 to further support this project.

Why is this important to me?

Besides setting up my own company, publishing a yearly restaurant guide with my boyfriend Peter and expanding this further across Asia, I want to do more good. Help more people. Support projects and initiatives that can make a difference. Go on volunteering trips.
For me it’s important to realise that there are so many opportunities near and far of how you can help people. It puts your own needs quite in perspective.

What is the charity I support?

I have chosen to partner with Venture 2 Impact. This is an organization with the mission to transform individuals, families and communities out of poverty into lasting well-being. Their approach is more than just material support, they transform communities to grow, develop and sustain themselves. By focusing on Education, Empowerment and Economic Development, individuals and communities can be brought out of poverty and into long-lasting well-being. While initiatives differ based on specific, local needs, these pillars are the foundation of all Venture 2 Impact work.
IdeaForce 2017 is a week of volunteering and partnership with island communities to find sustainable solutions in the areas of access, education and economic development. It’s a partnership between Venture 2 Impact and Telunas Geo Resort, a social enterprise that aims to impact the islands economy through job creation and tourism.

What are we contributing?

EATSingapore donates $2 per sold book and I’m proud to say we’re donating more than $2,000 already. This number will obviously still go up since we’re selling our book 😃
Besides this, I’ll join IdeaForce 2017 in 7 weeks, paying for my own place on the program. I want to see how our donation is utilized and how we can further support the community in Batam Riau.

I want to do more though and raise an additional USD3,500 that can be used for;
-Transportation solutions; provide boats with drivers and gas or other transportation services to make moving from island to island easier and therefore increase opportunities.
-Solution testing; the idea of IdeaForce 2017 is to come up multiple solutions, programs or opportunities that makes a lasting, positive impact on the local community. Before implementing we need to test these on a small scale – especially with the community to make sure they can create a lasting, positive impact.
-Solution contribution; Of course we don’t know yet which solution or solutions will be the best with the highest, lasting impact. Or how much this will cost to implement and maintain. We want to make sure though that we have the funds to fund the best possible solution.

How can you help?

By supporting the fundraiser we’ve set up here (or copy
Every little bit counts – so every donation is important and be as generous as you want and can be!

NOTE – when donating there’s the option of ‘Suggested gift towards Generosity’s operating expenses.‘ You can put this to $0 if you don’t want to support Genorisity’s platform itself.

Thank you so much in advance – together we can make a difference.
If you want to know more or join IdeaForce 2017, please get in touch with me via


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