Welcome to BAM! on Tras Street

Welcome to BAM! on Tras Street

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BAM! offers you a premium dining experience by paying tribute to the trend of ‘Modern Shudo’ where ‘Shu-Do’ literally means ‘Sake-Way’: it’s a contemporary approach to Sake appreciation.
Chef Pepe introduced the “Modern Shudo” concept to Singapore after getting to know the adventurous foodies, Constance Song and Ben Chng. Together they created an exclusive dining space – BAM! Tapas & Sake with a mission to showcase and promote the virtuosity of pairing sake with Spanish-influenced food.

BAM! premium dining experience singapore

A uniquely chic and industrial ambience with classic, yet laid-back vibes

BAM! is located along the growing hipster lifestyle area of Tras Street in Tanjong Pagar. They invite guests for a premium dining experience with classy chic yet laid-back vibes. Since opening its doors in 2013, BAM! has welcomed guests into the chic and under-stated space to relish the unique cuisine, specially crafted to be paired with the exceptional compiled sake collection.

The restaurant has three mains wings – No. 38 , No. 40, and the inviting sake cellar. The former carries the hipster vibe of concrete walls, nude bulbs and high dining chairs overlooking the open kitchen. No. 40’s interior is made up of mainly wood trimmed with concrete and distressed metal. This intimate space includes a private dining room as well as a sake cocktail bar. The huge paintings that adorn the minimalistic walls create a perfect backdrop for savouring a gastronomic and superior dining experience.

BAM! premium dining experience singapore

The freshest ingredients for a premium experience – whether a-la-carte or chef’s menu

The a-la-carte menu changes rapidly based on the availability of fresh ingredients from importers and local markets, hand-picked by Chef Pepe. The cuisine represents Catalonian influenced cross-cultural, ensuring memorable flavours in each dish. The popular Roasted Suckling Pig, Ankimo Tofu with Caviar, and Kampong Egg with Baby Sotong and Chorizo are, however, almost classic mainstays. For us – the Duck Gyoza and Monkfish Foie Gras Kaboca are definitely always on our order.

お任せ o-makase is a Japanese phrase that means “I’ll leave it to you.” Whether a vegetarian or a seafood lover, simply entrust Chef Pepe and his team to craft a special fine dining menu, to each diner’s dietary preference. As one happy diner said; “It’s like having my own private chef!”

BAM! premium dining experience singapore

Chef Pepe’s gastronomic creativity continues to fascinate us

Helming BAM!’s kitchen is Executive Chef Pepe Moncayo, a Spanish chef through and through. “Tapas are the appetizers and snacks in Spanish cuisine but what makes BAM!’s dishes really stand out, is the surprising culinary marriage of Catalonia and Japanese using only the freshest and season’s peak ingredients locally and overseas.” explains Chef Pepe.

The difference does not only stop here though. Having worked in several Michelin-starred establishments, Pepe holds high regard to colours, flavours and textures when it comes to bringing about the ooh-so-irresistible heavenly indulgences. Paying close attention to every creation, each tapas dish is painstakingly plated to give you a visual appetizer; and each bite is carefully planned and paired to excite, surprise, warm and pleasure.

BAM! Tapas & Sake – a truly premium dining experience

We are proud to have BAM! featured in our 2017 edition of EATSingapore. Grab a copy of our book here, make a reservation and enjoy your evening. The best part? When you bring EATSingapore along, you’ll get the 2nd main course on the house. At BAM! and the 11 other restaurants featured in our book.
At the end of your visit the Chef will sign your book – making it a personal and unique memorabilia of your gastronomic adventures in Singapore.

Explore, indulge and be passionate.
Now, go forth and feast!

Karin & Peter

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