Why We Only Choose 12 Restaurants Every Year

Why We Only Choose 12 Restaurants Every Year

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Our top 12 restaurants

Peter and I believe that every restaurant experience should be unique. Whether you’re catching up with friends or having a long overdue date with your partner, you want your night out to be a good one. The question is, where do you go?

There are so many restaurants on this tiny island, it’s hard to choose. You start by looking at reviews. Then you wonder which reviews can actually be trusted. You think perhaps, that you will just go back to your regular, favourite restaurant. Maybe boring, but at least you know what you’ll get.

Does that sound familiar?

This is where we come in to help you.


Our 12 personal favourites

The EATSingapore book contains our twelve personal recommendations. Twelve hand-picked restaurants that we believe in. In the year leading up to a new book release, we taste and eat at as many restaurants as we can. From hot new openings to old favourites suggested by friends. We try each one out. We pay for our own meals, drinks, snacks and we reserve our tables like any other patron would.

Each restaurant we select is tried and tested and then tested again. This is because our hope for our book holders is that every restaurant in our book will guarantee them a memorable evening.

Our 12 featured restaurants in EATSingapore 2017
Our 12 featured restaurants

Our specially chosen 12 restaurants are, of course, selected for their excellent service and cuisine. In addition, we carefully choose each dining destination for the concept and location too. This is because we want our book to contain a mix of unique options, just for you.

We are never paid to select a restaurant. We want the freedom to choose the ones that we really, truly love and want to recommend. These are the places that we suggest to our friends and family. Once selected, each restaurant will offer you a free main or discount on their tasting menu. We put them in our book because we had a great experience, not because they paid us to say so.

A yearly culinary journey

We keep our list to only twelve and every year we bring you twelve new restaurants to visit. This means that, without getting overwhelmed, once a month you grab your book. You choose a restaurant, make your reservation and be off for a fantastic dinner. You could say we send you on a culinary journey every year.

This year’s selection includes Greek, Peranakan, Contemporary Chinese, French Asian, Mediterranean and more. It’s an exciting list and one that we love. Have a look for yourself.

Thanks for visiting – have one on us

The 12 restaurants currently in our 2017 edition are our favourites for this year. We hope you will have just as an amazing experience as we had. Don’t forget that the restaurants offer you a free main course as a way to say thank you – thank you for visiting and we hope to see you again.

Do you have an EATSingapore book?
What has been your favourite restaurant so far? We would love to hear where you’ve been in the comments below.

Happy dining!


PS – If you don’t have a copy yet, grab yours now with $10 off. From us, to you! Just use the voucher MAY10 when checking out.

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