Your book is unique

Your book is unique

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Did you know that every EATSingapore book is unique?

We want the EATSingapore experience to be exclusive and our book is therefore printed as a limited edition. This year we only have 3,000 copies and every book has a unique number stamped inside. Your book will also be signed each time you visit one of the restaurants. This makes each copy of EATSingapore truly personal and special.

Purchase your exclusive copy of EATSingapore now or keep reading to see how you can register your unique book.

Register your book now to stand a chance to win 2 Signature Cocktails at Meta.

When you register your book on you will be in for special treats in the upcoming months. To start off we have a weekly draw among people that register their 2017 edition.
Register your book by Monday 5 December 12noon and we’ll announce the winning book number at 5pm the same day. The winner will receive 2 complimentary Signature Cocktails at Meta.


Why would you register?

Besides the chance to win 2 Signature Cocktail at Meta? Of course we will keep you in the loop of the latest happenings around EATSingapore and our featured restaurants and FRIENDS. On top of that we will invite you to exclusive dinners, wine pairings and chef’s tasting menus. You don’t want to miss out on those!

How to register?

Go to, fill in your email address, first name, book number and highlight from which year your book is. Click Subscribe and you’re done.

If you’re already on our list you will get the following message; [your email address] is already subscribed to list EAT Newsletter. Click here to update your profile. Click to receive an email with a personalized link where you can update your profile. Following that link will show you the information we have from you at the moment. Update your book number and if it’s from 2016 or 2017 and you’re done! If you have both 2016 and 2017, just tick both boxes and fill in your 2017 book number.

It’s as easy as that but if you encounter any issues, just let us know via!

Go forth and feast,

Karin & Peter

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