Karin & Peter

Karin is from the Netherlands and moved to Singapore right after graduation to try something new and live abroad for a while. Close to 10 years later she has no interest in moving back yet. After her last role of running a European creative agency, she wanted to start her own company again. This to create more freedom and location independence, so she can travel more frequently across the region.

Peter, Swedish, moved to Asia in 1998 and worked across multiple countries and industries, before settling in Singapore in 2007. His entrepreneurial spirit resulted in the set up of various F&B related concepts across Asia. His latest and current venture being the Regional Distributor for Nordaq FRESH. A water filtration system for hotels and restaurants, providing them with the highest quality water while eliminating the waste of single-use glass and plastic water. A cause he 100% supports and believes in.

“We wondered how the EAT concept is different and stands out from its competition.”

How it Started

The EAT series started in Sweden over 10 years ago by Jochen, a friend of Peter. When he wanted to expand the concept to Asia, he got in touch with us to see if we would be interested.

We were intrigued, but we also wondered how it would work here. There are so many promotions, discounts and credit cards for dining privileges out there already. How is this different. After chatting with Jochen we got really excited about the concept and wanted to take it on.

Jochen highlighted that the free main course is not (just) about the discount you get. It’s is a way of saying thank you from the restaurant: thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoyed the experience and we look forward to see you again. It’s the personal touch that sets EAT apart.

“We recommend you 12 unique restaurant experiences each year. Giving you a trusted list to create more memorable moments with friends and loved ones.”

Falling in love with the Concept

What we love about the EAT concept is the old-fashioned, tangible aspects that come with it. We have a beautiful designed, hard cover book featuring the 12 restaurants that we select each year. The book is there to introduce each restaurant, share our experiences and highlight some of our favourite dishes or moments. As a book owner, we hope this helps you to select the restaurant for the occasion you want. Whether this is a romantic date night or catching up with friends.

The signature you get at the end of the evening is another personal, tangible touch we love about the book. It makes each experience unique and it gives you a moment to meet the chef of each restaurant. The personal messages some chefs write down for guests is such a special moment I think – you don’t get that with any other promotion or discount book.

“We want to thank all EAT book owners for their support and a special thanks for those who purchased our first, 2016 edition. Without you we wouldn’t be here!”