If you are not yet convinced that cooking can be fun, CULINARYON founders Giulio D’Erme, Alex Blanc and Vera Sadovina will be thrilled to take you on a culinary journey. The traditional cooking studio is transformed into a unique culinary entertainment centre that turns learning new cooking skills into a delightfully exciting event.

“We’re less focused on getting participants to perfect a dish; rather, we’d like to emphasise the social experience of cooking, and how food bonds and encourages interaction. We want to help our guests create unique memories,” Giulio enthuses.

The first CULINARYON studio opened in Moscow in 2012 and was extremely well received by culinary enthusiasts and corporate clients who use the studio’s facilities for parties and master classes. The centrally located Singapore studio, opened in September 2015, is their second outlet and first international outpost.

Comprised of four event areas and a conference room that can house events and corporate events of 200 guests, CULINARYON caters for every delicious occasion. Master classes are subdivided into national cuisines and themed parties, with up to 300 dishes from all over the world. Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced culinary enthusiast, or a budding junior chef, there is a class that tickles every tastebud.

Put on your colorful apron and gather around the chef’s table to be briefed on your culinary adventure for the day. Expert chefs and their attentive teams will guide you all the way as you get your hands dirty.

Bask in the conviviality of good company and conversation while you roll out pasta, grill meat, and flambé dessert. You can even take a break and catch up over drinks with your fellow cooks at the bar. After all that work, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour at the chef’s table, and give yourself a pat on the back for your newfound skills and the 3-course meal you just prepared.

Address: One Raffles Place, Tower 2, #04-63, Singapore 048616
Phone: +65 3108 0385
Website: www.culinaryon.sg
Instagram: @culinaryon_sg