Paul Berthelsen, founded Perk Coffee in 2016 as a result of an unexpected love affair affair with the world of specialty coffee.
Originally from Australia, Paul decided to travel for 6 months after graduating from law school. On landing in Africa, he fell in love with Kenya and ended up staying for over 14 years, trying his hand at different ventures from grain trading to farming, until he found his true passion: coffee.

As a cereal farmer in Africa, Paul became friends with several coffee bean farmers. Since then, Paul and his wife Serena have visited many plantations around the world to learn more about these extraordinary beans and to better understand coffee’s diverse varietals and flavours.

Upon moving to Singapore, there was no question about what Paul’s next step would be. He launched Perk Coffee to serve his new community by finding the best beans from around the world, locally hand-roasting them, and delivering them fresh within days of roasting.

The coffee farmers Perk works with are carefully selected to ensure that the offered beans are specialty grade, traceable, and responsibly sourced. Knowing the life of a farmer, Paul has a lot of respect and empathy for who and where the beans come from; working only with farmers – big or small – that are committed to producing great tasting coffee.

Paul brings the art of making delicious, fresh coffee to the comfort of your own home, while keeping the process simple. Perk Coffee’s roasts to order model brings the freshest coffees to your door so you can experience it at the peak of its flavour.

PRIVILEGE: Receive your 2nd order on the house. Use voucher EATSG on to redeem.

PHONE: 8672 2918