We’re proud to partner with Venture 2 Impact this year as our charity and support their IdeaForce 2017 in Batam Riau, Indonesia.

Venture 2 Impact, is an organization with the mission to transform individuals, families and communities out of poverty into lasting well-being. Their approach is more than just material support, they transform communities to grow, develop and sustain themselves. By focusing on Education, Empowerment and Economic Development, individuals and communities can be brought out of poverty and into long-lasting well-being. While initiatives differ based on specific, local needs, these pillars are the foundation of all Venture 2 Impact work.

IdeaForce 2017 is a week of volunteering and partnership with island communities to find sustainable solutions in the areas of access, education and economic development. It’s a partnership between Venture 2 Impact and Telunas Geo Resort, a social enterprise that aims to impact the islands economy through job creation and tourism.

EATSingapore joins and supports IdeaForce 2017 with $2 per sold book.

The EATSingapore team will join IdeaForce 2017 – we pay for our own place on the program – to see how our donation is utilized and how we can further support the community in Batam Riau. Over one week we will learn about issues that local communities face, participate in brainstorm sessions to develop ideas; the best will be executed and most importantly tested with the community. Feedback from the community is invaluable for the success of implementation.

Interested to know more and join? Let us know via karin@eatsingapore.sg.

WEBSITE: venture2impact.org
FACEBOOK: Venture2Impact
INSTAGRAM: venture2impact


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