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Coverage for EATSingapore 2017

vanilla_beige Vanilla Beige
The $65 we spent on the red EATSingapore 2016 edition
was well worth it, and not just for the free main we received
at each restaurant. It was more about the overall experience,
the supper clubs that were formed with other friends who had
the book, the restaurants we would have never tried that ended
up being fantastic, not having to wade through a mass of reviews
or recommendations on where to go (that in itself was priceless!)
and just getting us to go out.
naiise_feature NAIISE
To help you make your foodie journey an enjoyable
and more pocket-friendly one, we would like to introduce
EATSingapore 2017 to your foodie survival pack.

Coverage for EATSingapore 2016

NOW!-Singapore-FEB_MARCH-2016 NOW! Singapore
With a selection including the new, the hidden and the well established,
diners are guaranteed a varied gastronomic experience
as they work from cover to cover.
SWW_APR16 The Singapore Women’s Weekly
Always at a loss of where to eat for a special occasion?
This well-curated book of dining havens is here to help.
ExpatLiving_Feb16 Expat Living
Foodies! Now you can EAT Singapore – for less!
ScandAsia_FEB16 ScandAsia
EATSingapore is a beautifully presented, hand-picked 
selection with some of Singapore’s best dining experiences.
Unlike a typical guide, it feels more like a list from friends
of “must-tries.
BT_Coverage_9-10JAN16 The Business Times
EAT hopes to bring back the thrill of discovering a new haunt.
It makes a good gift for new foodies.
With offerings like Long Chim and The Black Swan,
this year’s edition highlights a mix of new
restaurants alongside those buzzing just under the mainstream radar.
lifestyleasia LifeStyle Asia
The way to your woman’s heart is through her stomach
but here’s another way to get there (and get there together).
EATSingapore 2016 is a collection of some of Singapore’s top
restaurants which you can visit with this book and enjoy
special offers when dining together.
What better way to indulge in an activity that can be enjoyed
best as a couple?