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Why We Only Choose 12 Restaurants Every Year

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Our top 12 restaurants Peter and I believe that every restaurant experience should be unique. Whether you’re catching up with friends or having a long overdue date with your partner, you want your night out to be a good one. The question is, where do you go? There are so many restaurants on this tiny island, it’s hard to choose. You start by looking at reviews. Then you wonder which reviews can actually be trusted. You think perhaps, that you … Read More

Introducing Chef Stephan from Restaurant Chef’s Table

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Our next chef’s interview is with Chef Stephan Zoisl from restaurant Chef’s Table. In preparation for our next Chef’s Choice dinner we talk to Chef Stephan Zoisl from restaurant Chef’s Table. We hear more about why he became a chef, his restaurant’s concept and menu, as well as our upcoming Chef’s Choice dinner, Tuesday 30 May. About becoming a chef Chef Stephan had a choice. Become a pilot or a chef. This is because he wanted to travel and these … Read More

Meet Chef Steve Allen from Pollen

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We talk to Chef Steve, who helms the kitchen at Pollen in Gardens by the Bay We’re excited to introduce you to Chef Steve Allen from Pollen. After the unexpected closure of UsQuBa we wanted to give you a worthy replacement. And we have. I don’t think Pollen needs an introduction – whether you’ve been there for lunch or dinner or not, we all know of the restaurant that’s situated in the Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay. At … Read More

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